Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bed Skirt

I finished my bed skirt (two weeks ago)! In the end, I'm not sure this was a worthwhile project. The bedskirt at the store cost $30 and I could have used some coupons. The fabric for my homemade bed skirt cost $18 plus a $4 twin sheet to sew the panels to. In retrospect, the store bought bed skirt might have been the way to go, but now I'm super proud of my bed skirt and at least it's finally done.

Some before shots

006 - Copy (2)

007 - Copy

And after

010 - Copy

009 - Copy (2)

I think the bed skirt makes it look so much nicer! It's almost like an adult bedroom! (You can't really see in this picture, but since we have a one bedroom apartment, Lee's massive computer desk with his Lego tower is taking up the other half of the room. Not cute.)

And I did not do any of the T-shirt projects I raved about last week over the weekend, but perhaps someday soon.


thegamerswife said...

We actually just saw the trailer for Gamer LAST night! How funny. I'm sure we'll have to go see it eventually, but I am so with you on spider solitaire...that is about the only game I can beat the gamer at! He sucks at it :-p

What a cute bedskirt! I don't think I'm quite crafty enough to tackle a project like that yet ;)

thriftylittleblog said...

That skirt looks great with your bedding colors! $8 might not seem like much to save, but it's about 25% off-- I'd count that as a good deal :).

Jill said...

wow, that looks awesome! what a difference a bedskirt can make. major jealous that you are crafty enough to do that!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Jill, it was a piece of cake, hem the panels and sew them to a flat sheet. And if I hadn't been trying to finish it up late at night, it probably wouldn't be so crooked.