Monday, August 3, 2009

Extra Crispy

Apparently, those rumors that you should replace your sunscreen every year are not ploys by Big Sunscreen to get you to buy more sunscreen. Fair-skinned me went to Lee's frisbee tournament yesterday with 30 spf that was probably a little over a year old. I was outside for two hours and this is what my thighs looked like when I got home:

001 - Copy (7)
Ignore the arm shadows and bad lighting.

At least it was fun watching my love rock the frisbee. These pictures were actually from the last week's tournament.

Frisbee collage

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Anonymous said...

Owwie! They look sore :( CJ (my oh) always tells me off for getting to wear cream - it's not often I burn but I have burned in the past.

I hate the greasy feeling on my skin (yeah I'm a whimp lol!).

At the moment I have really brown arms (I look like I've been to the med or something like that) but I roll up my trousers and I look like a ghost in comparison lol. My friend pointed out that either my arms or legs dont belong to the rest of me

Anonymous said...

P.s. Love the new header!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I hate the greasy feeling too (with sunscreen and bug spray!) but clearly without sunscreen I have some bigger issues!
Lee's the same way about not really burning, but I'm trying to get him to use more sunscreen because even though he doesn't burn he's still soaking up skin cancer and should load up with some spf.

PS I'm glad you like the new header!