Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's My Age Again?

I've seen The Hangover twice in theaters. And both times I was carded.

I'll be 26 in less than two months.

My Baby Picture
Really young me.

Yes, I know I'll love this when I'm 40, but I like to think I pass for a credible adult. At least someone in college maybe? I often don't feel like an adult without it being questioned. I still have no idea what I'm doing half the time and feel like I'm just playing the grown-up game, so I reason that if I could at least look the part...but apparently I don't.

And while I often can't shake the feeling that I'm still mentally 16, and can't convince movie theater attendants otherwise without an ID, I also feel quite old. Or maybe just boring.

I never really had a "wild" phase but there was a time when my Saturdays lasted until 3 a.m. and involved Walmart bubba kegs, vanilla vodka and the routine. Now, my social life has dwindled to $5 movies at Tinseltown, family gatherings, cookouts and 1 a.m. is a late night. I love all of the above, really I do, but we're still young and childless, shouldn't we be hitting up happy hours?

Example, tonight Lee and I are going to a concert (Blue October!). That's fun, young and hip! But I'm kind of hoping it will rain so I can just stay home in my jammies and watch the new season of Project Runway (so excited!!). (Lee's also hoping it rains so there's not much of a crowd.)

I have a plastic snake in my garden to keep squirrels out too.

But then, that's kind of the way I've always been. I spent my first few Saturday nights at college falling asleep on Caitlin's floor while watching a movie. Yet I know I still have the "party" in me, as evidenced by my "alertness" late into the evening at Jenn's bachelorette party and the magical return of my sweet dance skillz.

Besides, when I fall into bed, whether before or after midnight, I'm always pretty happy with my life, which is more important than looking like you're old enough to watch an R-rated movie.


Christen said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Gosh. This post hits me hard. When I was a teenager I always looked older for my age and then once I hit 21, I started looking younger. I'm almost 28 and I still get carded for everything.

... and I feel so ... boring. I'm happy on nights when I can stay up past midnight, and my weekends consist of looking forward to sleeping in and going to my boyfriend's parents house to do laundry cause at least when we get to hang out with other adults. Sigh.

But gosh. I know I'm fun. Maybe we should bring back the vanilla vodka days?

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Yay! I'm glad you like my blog!

I don't know if it's necessary a need to bring back vanilla vodka (although I'm out) but more just frustrated that I don't do more when I can. I often feel busy-ish, and sometimes we stay home to save money, but I could do more "fun" activities. We really almost skipped out on the concert last night out of general laziness. And I think my point is mostly about fighting that lazy urge to experience more.

And the general frustrations of looking 15, sometimes feeling not much older than 15, yet taking up the general activities of a stereotypical "older person." (I love my sewing! But it wouldn't hurt me to get out more.)

(And no offense meant to "older" people. I love you mom! :) )

amy said...

Ha ha. I know how you feel about being carded for R-rated movies.

I was carded for Pineapple Express and I was 27!!!

And when I was like 20 or 21 (can't remember the exact age), the kid at the ticket booth asked if my parents knew I was seeing The Village...which is PG-13! Seriously? Seriously? You think I'm under 13??? I was in my twenties!!

Oh well. I'm told that we will appreciate it when we are in our forties.